What our clients are saying about us.

I was the very first customer of Stage It! and I have never seen the need to call anyone else.  Every time I have recommended them, they have brought the best out of a home.  They really make the home shine! When I put a home on the market, Stage It! is indispensable!!

Sylvia Hefferon CRS/GRI

RE/MAX Executive

I remember thinking that staging is too expensive.  Now I think it is pennies, considering how much TIME is saves everyone.  Less time on the market and fewer price reductions…why?? BECAUSE IT IS SOLD!  I thought my past three listings would all take a while to sell because of their unique factors, however, they all sold quickly – 4, 15, and 30 days!!!

It saves the seller from trying to become a “stager” and having to purchase things to make their home look “show” ready.  If you aren’t staging, you are missing out, because your competition is and their home will sell faster. –

Danielle Wasser-Edwards

RE/Max Executive

Almost a year and a half ago we bought our 9 acre horse farm down in North Carolina, and it had been on the market for a year when we bought it.  I remember it being nearly empty, not super clean and struggling to visualize what the rooms would look like, but I knew my wife would figure that out.  We couldn’t move in fully until our daughter in our Boston house graduated from high school as she competed in Boston in ice skating, which they don’t have that down south.  So this summer we were due to finally move in, and move the horses down.  Unfortunately things with the company I had just joined took a very bad turn and just over a year later I find myself having to sell it.  This time though, as my wife and I had seen a house staged, we decided that was the way to go and we started with that in mind.  I loved that we didn’t have to stage it all, just the main rooms and master bedroom, which saved a little money, but maximized the impact.  We are very thankful you threw in extra nice touches in bathrooms, etc., as your focus was to make it look great and you kept it elegant, but also simple.  The comments from people viewing the house were “stunning”, the “house looks amazing”, etc.  We already had a great barn and fields, but the house became the center piece.  We also took the recommendations and had the whole house power washed, including driveways and around the pool, as well as a full yard landscaping touch up, with bushes trimmed, etc.  Combining that with staging it looked brand new and it showed that way.  After 3 weeks of great interest we got a great cash offer near our asking price and closed in a record amount of time.

This of course took the great team from Allen Tate Realtors, but they knew whom to bring in and I am absolutely sure staging it worked.  We got a great price when the market had not increased compared to when we bought it, and that was all from how we displayed it.

We just wanted to send along a note of thanks.  Feedback about your teams is they were in on time, left it spotless and coordinated well with cleaners, photographers, etc., took good records, came back right on time and did a great job on the pickup!  Super flexible and classy all the way and best investment we could have made!

Mark and Theresa Wright


…Boy, they are selling as fast as we can say “Stage It!”…

…Another one sold due to the staging!!! GREAT JOB…One day staged…one day sold…

…Walked Brightwalk Metro staging and you did a great job capturing the Brightwalk Buyer…

Donna Varjabedian

CalAtlantic Homes

Thank you Stage It!!!

My husband and I so want to thank your team for selling our house!!!  Everyone that walked in came back!  When my husband and I were told we need to stage our house we looked at each other and said “yeah right” and our friends and family said it is amazing the way it is decorated and you are crazy!   Thankfully we listened to the experts and our amazing realtor sold our house in 5 days in the off season!!!  You made it happen!! Not only was it fun hanging out with your team, but we learned so much from the experience.  Now that our house is under contract and we are almost through the due diligence period and activities we feel like we might be able to move some of our stuff back in the house, but NO why would we want to do that.  We love it!!  We almost decided to stay you made it look so good.  We love what you did!! We love your team!! We will have you back to stage our house again or pay you for decorating ideas in our new house.

So I would say to anyone out there that thinks their house is just fine the way it is, get real.  Listen to the experts and have your house staged by Stage It!.

Rick and Barb Loeper


In late September (2008), we spoke with a real estate agent about selling our house.  She warned us that in this very slow real estate market, we might expect to wait until the spring to sell our house.  Instead, we decided to go ahead and list our house and use your company to make our home the most presentable to potential buyers.

Wow!  Once you staged my home, my 20 year old home looked like a model!  We only had 4 showings, but every one of them was blown away.  First impressions are everything.  After just two weeks, we received a full price offer.  We are very confident that Stage It! is what set us apart from other comparable homes.

We would highly recommend Stage It! to anyone interested in getting their home sold for the most money in the quickest time.  Thank you for being instrumental in getting our home sold FAST!

Tim and Kelly Edwards


Karen, you and your team did a FANTASTIC job on Woods End.  The seller provided you with a lovely home and you went in and added the ‘magic’.  Could I be luckier? The listing went live this morning….already 4 appointments and it’s not noon.

Cathy D. Roberts

Keller Williams Realty

We are so happy with our ceilings and new lights.  Thanks so much for all the hard work! –

Amy Henderson


I love it! Thank you for staging my home.  It’s perfect – I haven’t moved anything!

Marge Wilson


Wanted to let you know the showings are going well.  The feedback has been very positive about how well the house shows.  Two couples are very interested and just need to sell their current homes.  I think at least one of them picked up your card and brochure.  In the meantime, we are enjoying the ambiance of our “new” home.

We saw the before and after pics on your website.  Oh my! Whose house was that! It is no wonder the pool table is in such perfect condition.  It never saw the light of day.  Lanny is enjoying using it now.

We are still interested in buying the sail boat on the mantle if it is up for sale.

Thanks again.  The house looks great and is ready for the next owners to make it their home.

Linda and Lanny Lancaster


Once again you all did a fantastic job! Love, love, love working with you!

Sandra Singer

HM Properties

…another couple came by this AM…they too were vocal in expressing appreciation for the interior.  Thank you again for engaging Karen Mendenhall to stage this place for sale.  We who saw the before and after appreciate the transformation, but I’m still impressed that the buyer liked it enough to purchase 3+ rooms of furniture so it would “remain like this”.

I was stressed about selling the house, the lot, the furniture and moving and it all came together. (Still can’t believe we sold it in the first week!!)…

Tom Koechlin


Harrington & Associates has used Stage It! to furnish several of our model homes – always to great success. Based on feedback, the staged spaces make it easier for buyers to picture themselves living in the particular home. We always enjoy working with the talented people at Stage It! –

Harrington & Associates, Inc