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Let our team of home renovators help you with your project. Whether getting “resale ready” or creating the ultimate space for your pleasure, don’t let the process be overwhelming. We meet with homeowners to discuss the scope of the project and budget to maximize your dollars and time.

Our professionals can guide you with choices and handle all scheduling of subcontractors in order to complete your project in a timely and efficient manner. Our team has the capacity to renovate a single room to an entire house.

Please call Matt Bradshaw at 704-847-3771, or use the contact form below to describe your needs.

What is it?

Renovation is updating and modernizing your home to achieve optimal function and appeal.

What we do.

We assess your home and make recommendations for all areas in need of updating that are crucial for resale in order to maximize your home’s potential. We provide estimates based on the level of importance to achieve the greatest impact within the particular area. Flipping? Investors? We can handle your entire project.

How we do it.

Once the areas to be renovated haven been decided upon we make all necessary product selections, schedule all sub contractors and manage the budget and timeline for a seamless and easy renovation project.


Pricing based on the scope and level of work to be completed.
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